Researcher biography

Giovanni B. (Nanni) Concu was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Queensland. He also holds the position of External Researcher with the Universita’ di Sassari (IT). Nanni completed his doctorate in January 2005 at the University of Western Australia. His thesis used environmental valuation techniques (Choice Modelling and Contingent Valuation) to identify the relevant markets for public goods and determine how individuals’ willingness to pay is affected by distance. He has taught environmental economics at the Universita’ di Sassari (IT) for several years and has collaborated to several research projects at the Department di Economics, Entrepreneurship and Regulation (DEIR). He is presently part of a DEIR research team working on an EU funded project on the environmental and cultural impacts of tourism the Mediterranean regions. With the RSMG, he was working on designing a valuation study on the Queensland’s Vegetation Management Act 2004. He is also developed a GIS platform to integrate biophysical and economic data to map Queensland Murray-Darling Basin vegetation according to its market and non-market values.